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    The following is some of the more common documents that may be required to secure import licenses, complete product registrations or at customs to import nutritional supplements into your country: - EU Health (Dairy) Certificate - USDA Health Dairy Certificate - 16-4 Health Export Certificate - Australia Sanitary Dairy Health Certificate - USDA Sanitary Certificate - Product Labels - FDA Certificate of Free Sale - Certificate of Analysis - Certificates of Composition - Certificate of Quality - Certificate of Origin - NAFTA Certificate of Origin - Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP) - Authorization to Sell Letter - Porcine Free Certification - World Anti Doping Agency Certification (WADA)

    – Varied types of regulatory documentation such as certifications, labels and licensing information are typically needed to bring products into a country.

    – Each country has its own regulations associated with the import of dietary supplements. It is important that you learn about and know your own countries specific regulations.

    – Some countries require that important documentation be legalized (e.g. authenticated, apostilled) at three levels; the Local Department of State (CT), Federal Department of State (Washington, DC) and your countries Consulate prior to submission.

    – Many countries require that an import license be secured or registration of products be completed prior to your ability to purchase nutritional supplement products. POWERSPORT will assist you with securing any documentation that you may need to complete that process.

    –- All parties are responsible for knowing who you are doing business with overseas and each company and person has to be checked against the Department of Commerce (BIS) and Department of Treasury (OFAC) varied Denied Persons, Entities, Unverified and Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Listing(s).

    – When your goods arrive at the port, they will have to go through inspection.

    – Ephedra is still legal to sell in a small number of countries.

    – There are special requirements for selling products that contain dairy in the EU and Australia.

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